Current Version

Version 2.1


TPConv is a small utility to convert an XML data file to the Treepad data format and vice versa. Treepad is an easy-to-use Information Manager written by Henk Hagedoorn, Freebyte Software Engineering. Treepad's homepage is at

The current version of TPConv is 2.1. It supports the Treepad-File-Version 4.0 and smaller (ie. HTML, RTF and plain text data). However, since Treepad itself only puts images and other objects in an extra file, the handling of these external objects is not done by TPConv. Version 2.x is a complete rework of the older version 0.9.0 and is now implemented in Java. I have tested TPConv with Treepad SAFE, Version 6.2. If you encounter any problems with other versions please contact me (see Contacts) .


TPConv is distributed as an executable jar file.
After downloading the file, you should rename it to tpconv.jar (the original downloaded file usually has the version number appended).


TPConv consists mainly of a self-executing jar-file. Simply execute it with the following command:

 java -jar tpconv.jar   

Options must be one of -oxml (for converting a Treepad to an XML file) or -otp (for converting an XML to a Treepad file). infile and outfile must be the filenames of a Treepad and an XML file, respectivly.


To convert an XML file source.xml to the Treepad file result.hjt execute tpconv as follows:

 java -jar tpconv.jar -otp source.xml result.hjt

To convert a Treepad file source.hjt to the XML file result.xml use:

 java -jar tpconv.jar -oxml source.hjt result.xml


(No, there never was a version 1.x ...)

Version 2.1

The latest version of TPConv is 2.1.


Version 0.9.0

An older version of tpconv. Windows-Installer.


XML Format

The DTD that applies to the XML data files.



Version 2.1

  • Support for new 6.x tags
  • Added support for Graphviz's .dot to display all or only parts (-node option) of a Treepad file graphicaly.

Version 2.0

  • Complete rewrite in Java
  • Support for Treepad 5.x


tpconv is not freeware and distributed as is. The author is not liable for any problems that might occur when using this program.