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This archive is for various documents.

The MHEG-5 IS: Unfortunately, the MHEG-5 IS text is not a publically available document. Therefore, it is not available here. Users have to contact their national representative for ISO or ISO directly.

Introduction to MHEG-5 DIS: This document describes the MHEG-5 DIS. Still, it is quite a good introduction to MHEG-5 concepts and principles.

Report from the Verification Group: This document is a summary of the MHEG-5 Verification Groups work and some initial ideas from November 1996 on the MHEG-5 Users Group.

Mapping from MHEG-5 to DSM-CC (VERSION 1) in Word95(only!) and Postscript. This document was prepared by Klaus Hofrichter to be included as an annex to DSM-CC. The document is now under discussion in the MUG, according to an request of SC29WG12 during the Cupertino meeting.

Article from BYTE in Feb97 Issue covering some aspects of MHEG.

GMD FOKUS/IMMP Profile: This gzipped PostScript document describes the profile of the MHEG engine developed at GMD FOKUS. This is an MUG external source.

MHEG in Java: Paper about MHEG Engine development in Java. This is an MUG external source.

DAVIC misc MHEG-5 Resident Programs: This will go to DAVIC 1.3 (MSDOS word 7)

This is the DAVIC 1.4 document for the resident programs, developed in Monterey in December 1997.

Article about MHEG-5 by Marica Echiffre, Claudio Marchisio, Pietro Marchisio, Paolo Panicciari, and Silvia Del Rossi. See the separate page here.

The UK DTT MHEG profile version 1.0 distributed in February 1998 (pdf).

Ordering of tags in ASN.1 by the BBC. There seems to be some confusion over the ordering of tags in the ASN.1 encoding of certain MHEG classes. This document seeks to clarify the situation and ensure that any future MHEG5 textual notation to ASN.1 encoders are compliant.