MUG Help urgently needed

Thomas J Casey Jr (
Tue, 30 Jan 1990 07:39:16 GMT

I am working with the MHS in UK to develop a Clinical Multimedia
(integrated) Information system, and want to develop a specification
using MHEG-5. Not only am I weak in developing a design document in OO
style, but I would like to be able to produce a design document that
clearly expresses the MHEG-5 paradigm in OO style. I suspect there may
be other developers who face the same difficulty.

Have any of the MUG implementors done implementations based on a design
document, and if so could I see part or all of such a document(s) to use
as an example? I will gladly report back to this group my progress in
this effort.

More generally, I would like to ask the question "should this group take
as one of its first task to provide a methodology for producing MHEG-5
'conforming' design documentation." I don't think this is a trivial
task, but is certainly an important one if we want to promulgate
widespread use of the standard.

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