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Emmanuel BEUQUE (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 18:21:06 +0100

A (At) 10:05 19/03/97, Tom Schwengler ecrivait (wrote):
> Reply to: RE>One more technical FAQ about MHEG-5 IS
>We had discussed the modulo issue for a while, and the conclusion was that
>the following equation:
> (a DIV b) * b + (a MOD b) = a
>is ALWAYS true.
>The reason was mainly that it is the way most software or languages define
>it, including for instance Java.
>So indeed the result of modulo is sometimes negative. It may seem strange in
>some cases, but as Xavier mentioned, modulo is not the same as the Euclidian
>remainder of the division.


So, as I understand, the MHEG modulo is instead the remainder of the division.
If it is accepted by everyone, I will make the patch on my own in my
authoring tool and (one more time) too bad for the compactness of my MHEG
scenes. :-(


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