ListGroups and Amendments

K. Hofrichter (
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 16:45:20 +0200

Dear colleagues,

thanks to Richard for thinking about the Future of MHEG-5.
Let me say a word which I have heard from Stockholm (however,
I was not there, but Andreas Karft promised to make a
comment on the meeting for the mug in the near future):

SC29WG12 suggested to call for a task-force on MHEG-5 amendment
process. I was asked to take the initiative on that, taking
advantage of the MUG experts.

Unless there is not very much opposition to this, I would
volunteer to move that thing. Work on this may start after
the DAVIC-related INTERACTIVE in Geneva. But discussions may
start anytime.

In the first place, we have to identify the consequences of changes.
Please keep in mind that MHEG-5 is a approved IS text, and the changes
should be as small as possible. In particular, backward compatibility
is a VERY important issue. I think that most of you have the same opinion.

We can start (later) with listing the issues and classify them, e.g.
* error corrections
* clarification
* additional functionality

Error correction might impact the backward compatibility, but I think we can
not fight this. Errors have to be removed. Clarifications are purely textual
work, with no impact on the encoding. It should not bring contradiction to
existing text. Additional functionality should be very reasonable handled.
It should not change encoding and behaviour of existing applications.

The suggesting from Richard is certainly in the latter category. But indeed,
the Listgroup needs for histroical reasons a bit cleanup (e.g. there is
not real reason to have at least one AVisible). But as I said before, we
have to be carefull with regard to existing implementations.

Next SC29WG12 meeting is in Australia. I do not know if I can participate
this meeting. We should have intensive email discussion on this issue.

Talking about email: Our Internet/phone/smail connectivity is really OFF
starting on Friday for 14 days. The MUGs WWW site and Maillist is
not working then as well. See my signature.

So long,
- Klaus

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