I need a example using Variable class & Action

Choi Jong Hyuk (jhchoi@pljuno.sogang.ac.kr)
Thu, 06 Nov 1997 19:19:15 +0000

I am Choi in Sogang univ.
I have a problem that I can't solve.

My problem is as follow:

I want to use ':SetVariable' and ':TestVariable' action!

But it is not work, in textual notation, It arise
parameter error!

I wrote like this:

:OrigVar 0

:SetVariable ( 10 3 )
:TestVariable ( 10 1 3 )

Error: illegal NewVariableValue..... etc

I think it is the problem owing to wrong parameter type. ???
In DIS version, TestVariable Parameter is as follows:
:test-variable( 11 :new-boolean true ...

I think 'new-boolean' is for conversion of type.
Does "IS version" need this?

Can you tell me the reason and
can I get the example using this action( well working example in
MHEG-Enge )?

Thank you very much and bye!

e-mail: jhchoi@pljuno.sogang.ac.kr
URL : http://plstar.sogang.ac.kr/~jhchoi (-: