RE: about more complex actions!

Grassel Guido NRC/Hki (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 14:02:37 +0200

Dear Choi Jong Hyuk

There is no such action as a 'Rotate' Elementary Action defined for any
class in MHEG-5. I guess the reason for this is that it would be too CPU
intensive to do a rotate on f.ex. a text or an image. Another reason might
be that a MHEG application is supposed to be in final form.

The LineArt class, however, might help you to implement a special type of
rotating objects, but the task to code ech rotation step might be quite
lengthy and somewhat tedigous when coding in plain MHEG-5 texual notation.

In Java in principle everything is possible because it is a full-fledged
programming language and Personal Java's AWT might support rotating (I am
not sure). *But* an MHEG-6 Engine has in the first place only access to the
display by accessing the MHEG-5 objects availbale in the MHEG Engine at
run-time of an InterchangedProgramme. So there will probably be problems to
solve your problem with MHEG-6, too.
Of course there is also the Applet class but Applet leaves open what
graphics API to use together with the Java VM.


Guido Grassel
Nokia Research Center
Software Technology Lab, Helsinki

Note: I will be out of office until 23.11., but I should be
able to exchange e-mail while traveling.

From: Choi Jong Hyuk
To: mheg-ug
Subject: about more complex actions!
Date: 18. November 1997 16:53

I am jong hyuk choi in Korea.
Thank you for your kind response! (-:
If I want to represent more complex actions in MHEG-5,
how can I represent this?
-- For example,
I want to represent more complex actions, for example,
"Rotating Object", "Moving with(by) time(duration)" ......
MHEG-5 doesn't have these actions for MHEG-5 primitive actions.

The action for 'Moving with time' can be represented by MHEG using the
composition of MHEG Classes.
But 'Rotate action' for "rotating object!" can never be represented in
MHEG-5, I think. )-:
-- In this situation,
If I want to represent more complex actions in MHEG-5,
how can I represent this?
-- Maybe, using MHEG-6? or Is it possible in MHEG-5 by compositing a few
Please answer me.....

Thanks for reading....