The brainstorm site for all who want to kick MHEG into the 3d-future.

This site is intended to give an overview to the task of specifying extensions to the MHEG standard to get real time three dimensional graphics to it. Here one can get a snapshot of the current discussion state. It's not intended to be the discussion media. The discussion itself is done via the SC29MHEG-5 mailing list. I will collect the essencials here.

Ralf Kubis







What's New

Thu Apr 22, 1999

While extending the MHEG5 EBNF with 3d stuff, I did some neccesary changes. All relevant changes at this site are marked with red color until the next epoch (I will message here, when it's so far). I've adapted to some naming conventions and internal attributes. The Light class has changed a bit. Now it's dimension behaves more like on Sensor objects (look).

Thu Apr 15, 1999

First public HTML version of this site,  it's an alpha release :o)

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