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Maintenance Task Force

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Welcome to the home page of the MHEG-5 Maintenance Task Force



Report from the WG12 Meeting in Saariselkä
MHEG-5 Technical Corrigendum, Working Draft (uncompressed PDF)

MTF Document Archive


The next ISO meeting will be in Berlin, Germany, on July, 07-10 1998 (Calling Notice).
On the day before (July, 06th) will be a workshop on MHEG-5 held at GMD FOKUS .

Please send an e-mail to or if you want to participate the workshop.

Important Dates

Upcomming events

06/07/98 MHEG-5 Workshop in Berlin, Germany
07-10/07/98 WG12 meeting in Berlin, Germany

The past...

12-13/02/98 First task force meeting in Berlin, Germany
20-22/04/98 WG12 meeting in Saariselkä, Finland


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